Sea Breeze Avenue Beach

Sea Breeze Avenue, Harwich Port, MA 02646
Children play on a summer afternoon at Sea Breeze Avenue Beach in Harwich, Cape Cod.

Sea Breeze Avenue Beach and neighboring Wyndemere Bluffs are essentially the same beach, and both offer spectacular views, warm water and room to relax. Neither has parking, but both are very popular among residents and renters of the tightly packed cottage neighborhoods in the area. If you’re staying nearby, it’s absolutely worth the walk or bike ride. The beach is only accessible via the staircases on Sea Breeze Avenue and Wyndemere Bluffs Road, so visitors with disabilities may want to consider Bank Street Beach instead.

No parking

No lifeguards
No restrooms
Dogs allowed off-season only. No dogs June 15 through Labor Day.
Moderately crowded
Warm salt water